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   Bozong greenhouse has 35 years of professional production of greenhouse history, in recent years, the company all staff's  unremitting efforts, now developed into a professional conservatory company has some influence.If you want to know more.

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  • The glass greenhouse of 

    Sichuang nongmang group

    With the development of glass greenhouse industry, and now a lot of greenhouses have been used as a cover glass material. So, in the end glass-covered greenhouse covering materia compared to other materials which the advantages and disadvantages of it .

  • The realistic picture of 

    vegetable seedling base greenhouse

    Vegetable greenhouses is an excellent thermal insulation properties of the film structure frame , so it appears that people can eat in-season vegetables. Usually vegetable greenhouses using steel skeleton , the top covered with a layer or multi-layer .

  • The realistic project picture of

     greenhouse of Zhangjiajie

    PC board in the 1970s exist in Europe, namely widely used in greenhouse construction, the glass is the second film after the fourth generation of greenhouse covering materials. PC board is usually double or triple hollow transparent plate or a single .

  • The realistic picture of

     ecological agriculture park

    The Polycarbonate Greenhouse, all of made top quality aluminum frames . Each greenhouse has been designed with a specialgrooved channel frame to help reinforce the panels against wind and weather. This quality greenhouse is backed up by a 20-year .

  • The realistic picture for 

    seedling workshop PC board

    The company's main products for all types of greenhouses and supporting facilities design and construction, machine research greenhouse, multi-span film greenhouse, glass greenhouse, greenhouse monomer film, PC board Greenhouse, greenhouse gardening .

Ziyang BoZong Import&Export Trading Co., Ltd.

Ziyang BoZong Import&Export Trading Co., Ltd. Founded in 2007, professionally in designing, producing, installing greenhouses for many years. Every year we ship many big projects for all over the world. Our factory has above 20, 000 production room, 210 professional workers. We have many advanced machines enable us to guarantee production efficiency and consistency.


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