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Release time:2020-06-28 11:28

Scientific Research Greenhouse

Scientific Research Greenhouse for Vegetable

All greenhouses are made with top quality aluminum frames. Each greenhouse has been designed with a special grooved channel frame to help reinforce the panels against wind and weather. This quality greenhouse is backed up by a 20-year structural warranty for your peace of mind.  


Devide into much more compartments for special testing in the lab , for plant material or plant breeding etc. strict control.The structure we use hot dip galvanized pipe to avoid rust


  Frame of hot dip galvanized steel pipe
  Covering material - 8mm polycarbonate hollow sheet and 5mm glass
  Good light transmittance
  Good at keeping warm


Highly Complicated greenhouse , usually separates into many small compartments for different experiment or different research program, strictly control or manage inside greenhouse, safety level is higher. according to exact requirements, may treat waste water and waste solid experimental materials etc into non-toxicity status. computer or monitor system is required, and door registering system is popular.

Can add below systems:(Depend on customers' request)

●Cooling and heating system

●Irrigation system

●Ventilation system

●Fertilization system

●Shading system



●Metal structures

●Covering system

●Install accessories

Worldwide cooperation:

We have professional engineer department, if customer request, we can send our engineers to foreign countries to guide the installation. Every year there are many customers visiting our factory for business cooperation. If you want to know more, please send E-mail to sales@cngreenhouses.comCustomer Visiting Scientific Research Greenhouse

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