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Commercial Glass Greenhouse

Basic Information:

Size: 15m*30m.                     Cover Material: Glass.

Layer: Single.                         Type: Glass Greenhouse.

Feature: Small Scale.            Area: 450 Square Meter.

Wind Load: 0.35kn/M2.        Snow Load: 0.35kn/M2.

Export Markets: Global.


Scientific research, High-end seed nursery, Hydroponics, etc.


With the development of glass greenhouse industry, and now a lot of greenhouses have been used as a cover glass material. So, in the end glass-covered greenhouse covering materia compared to other materials which the advantages and disadvantages of it?  I believe this is a problem. Greenhouse builders are most concerned about. So, in order to make everyone a glass greenhouse glass covering material has a sufficient knowledge of the original. green house specialist for everyone lists the advantages and disadvantages of glass covering material.

★Glass greenhouse advantages:

1. A low coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction.

2. Light transmittance than glass greenhouse PC board greenhouse high sunshine, excellent light transmittance of about 90%, glasshouse overall appearance is good.

3. Easily obtained, low prices.

4. The optimum UV resistance and barrier ability, wear life of up to 25 years.

5. Simple and effective solution for varied and complex topographic conditions.

  · Frame of hot dip galvanized steel pipe
  · Gable spans range from 8 meters to 10.8 meters
  · Total structure height - 4 meters to 5.3 meters
  · Covering material - 4mm or 5mm float glass or 5 mm tempered glass
  · Light transmittance could be more than 90%
  · Suitable for all climate conditions and adaptable to any type of landscape
  · Gable roof

Glass greenhouse disadvantages:

However, the introduction of greenhouse usage , due to poor weather in our adaptability, high cost , convenient installation and maintenance , most of the operating losses and economic inefficiency . In China usually only in the late autumn and winter season for cultivation of flowers , vegetables and nursery crops and ornamental demonstration on agricultural research , therefore ,greenhouse glass in China's development is very slow. Glasshouse glasshouse including single slope , dual slope glass greenhouse .  

Shipping Information:

Normal shipping time is 4-6 weeks after receipt of order. Please allow additional time for transit from factory. 30% of basic greenhouse price may be charged upon receipt of order. The balance will be charged before shipment .

Why us?

Every year we ship above USD 8million to all over the world. We have professional engineer department for commercial glass greenhouse, if customer request, we can send our engineers to foreign countries to guide the installation. Every year there are many customers visiting our factory for business cooperation. If you want to know more, please send E-mail to

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