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How Greenhouses Work At It's Best-Bozong Greenhouse

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How Greenhouses Work At It's Best-Bozong Greenhouse

Some of my favorite and earliest memories are those of being around greenhouses. I remember visiting my Granddad every weekend in London, England. He lived in an apartment in London and all the residents had their own little Oxford garden out the back. My granddad had built a fish pondand greenhouse in his little garden, both were well used. And the best thing about going to visit Granddad for Sunday dinners was that the first thing I got to do was run out to his little garden and feed the big goldfish in his pond. I knew that he kept the goldfish food and pond supplies up high on a shelf just above the greenhouse bench that was inside his greenhouse, so I would reach for the food and head over to the garden pond to feed the fish. The fish were huge, and were trained to kiss your fingers when you gently floated your hand on the surface of the water! My parents also rented a small plot of land when I was growing up in England where my siblings and I spent many evenings playing while they dug, planted and weeded their vegetable patch. We had a greenhouse that enabled us to get the

 seedlings going, and would provide us with amazingly fresh vegetables that were bursting with flavor all year through! It’s not surprising that my love affair with greenhouses has continued into my adult life! Owning a greenhouse has been a way of providing my own children with quality, fresh and mostly organic fruits and vegetables. It is important to know that there is a little bit of knowledge required to cultivatingplants in a greenhouse environment; it is a little bit more involved that just putting up a protective structure in your garden and throwing some plants in there! You need a greenhouse plan. These are some of the 

elements that must be considered in order to really get the maximum potential out of yourgreenhouse or sun room: the type of greenhouse you want whether it be a cold house, portable greenhouse, hobby greenhouse a greenhouse kit or a large or a mini greenhouse, the greenhouse construction and it’s foundation type, which greenhouse equipment you will need, which type ofgreenhouse covering or glazing is best suited to you, and the type of watering, humidity control, heating and air circulation systems that are best suited to your sun room or greenhouse gardening needs. Cold House vs. Heated Greenhouse A cold house is the simplest of greenhouses, it is not equipped with any artificial means of heat and thus the growing season is shortened when the outside temperature drops below freezing. It is not possible to grow frost sensitive plants between late fall and the middle of spring unless you provide heat (which would not make it a cold house!). A cold house does extend the growing season from that of the outdoors by trapping the heat from the sun during the day. And it provides a cozy respite for you to work away from the elements of wind and rain; it also protects plants from these same elements too. When you install a heater into your cold house it becomes a true greenhouse and it transforms the hobby of gardening into a year-round hobby. The minimum temperature required to grow 

greenhouse plants through the winter is 45° F (7.2°C), so be sure to allow for this extra cost for heating to be included in your monthly budget. Also, be sure that when you begin planning for your greenhouse construction that you build it as near as possible to your house as this will reduce costs for digging and installation of electrical wires (and plumbing if you need that too). It is also better for quick access during the winter months if you have your greenhouse closer to your house. Choosing between a Portable Greenhouse, Hobby Greenhouse a Greenhouse Kit, Sun Room Kit or a Large or a Mini Greenhouse. There is truly a wide variety of different styles and types of greenhouses on the market today. Each is suited to a different need or want and degree of seriousness for greenhouse gardening. When you build a greenhouse from scratch with a foundation you are probably a serious gardener with great expectations from your greenhouse. But for the less serious greenhouse gardener there are smaller versions of greenhouses and sun rooms available that come in the form of 

portable greenhouses, a hobby greenhouse or mini greenhouses. Each online greenhouse manufacturer and distributor will have their own specifications and recommendations for each and it is best that you do your own research to decide which is best for you.  

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