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Cropping patterns in greenhouse cucumber tomato growth

Release time:2019-01-23 15:08

Cropping patterns in greenhouse cucumber tomato growth

Even as greenhouse vegetable production is a ubiquitous problem, even as barriers to vegetable production caused by reduced degradation, soil salinization, pest and disease seriously. In this paper, even for different age and different crops Crops of cucumber, tomato growth and soil biological characteristics. By large numbers of tests, results show that: with cucumber, tomato plant life extension, soil nutrient content increased, where soil organic matter, total nitrogen, total phosphorus and available phosphorus increased by a big margin, soil pH, then with reduce the length of the extension of cultivation. Cucumber, tomato, even in the longer length, soil salinity, nitrate content and higher electrical conductivity. 11-years of continuous cropping cucumber soil salt content than the control, and even for four-year increase of 305.1%, respectively, and 78.8%, conductivity than that of control, and even for four-year increase in 0.632 ms/cm and 0.577ms/cm,nitrate content than the control,  an increase of 39.637mg/kg &18.84mg/kg. Tomato cropping eight years of soil salt content than continuous cropping, even in two years and 4 years increased 169.03% and 46.15%, the conductivity ratio, even in two years and, even in four years, the increase in 168.75ms/cm and 84.94ms/cm, nitrate content than the Even for two years and, even in four years, the increase in 96.21mg/kg and 69.95mg/kg. Impact of continuous cropping cucumber, tomato growth and development, even for four years of cucumber plant height, stem diameter, leaf number, leaf area, fruit setting rate and the highest yield. Even for four years, cucumber production 2.17kg / strain, while the control of 1.78kg / strain, even for 11 years for the 1.50kg / strain. Fruit vitamin C, soluble solids content, even in four years, the highest. Physiological diseases - Cucumber "flower topping" phenomenon, even in four-year increase of 146.4% compared with the control; even for the 11-year increase of 245.6% compared with the control over the four year increase of 40.3%. With the extension of cropping years, tomato plant height, stem diameter,leaf number, fruit setting rate and yield significantly lower rate of abnormal fruit, the incidence rate increased significantly. Tomato fruit total acidity, vitamin C, soluble solids, nitrite change is the 2 year "4 years" 8 years, with the extension of cropping years showed a decreased trend;nitrate levels, even in eight years, more than 2 years and 4 years; soluble sugar and sugar / acid ratio change for 4 years, "two years" for 8 years. Even for two years after the physical obstacles of tomato increased significantly. Cucumber soil and catalase and sucrose enzyme activities was 4 years "11 years" contrast, alkaline  phosphatase and urease activity was ¨ Year "four years" control; microbial change is the growing number of longer life, the number of bacteria and fungi in the soil the more the number of soil actinomycetes less. Tomato cropping soil alkaline phosphatase activity, even in years with the extension of the increase in catalase, invertase, and urease activity decreased, in which hydrogen peroxide and urea enzyme activity decreased, decrease in activity of sucrose small;soil microbes, even in years with the extension of soil bacteria and reduce the number of actinomycetes,fungi increase in the number.

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