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Greenhouse Control Ventilation System-Bozong Greenhouse

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Greenhouse Control Ventilation System-Bozong Greenhouse

Overall structure and main technical index

overall structure:

The ventilation system uses the bus communication centralized control mode, mainly from the composition of mechanical system, control system and wireless communication network. Among them, control the system and the mechanical system are mainly responsible for collecting the internal environment information of the greenhouse, and the lower machine driving the vent opening and closing, and will host the GPRS module Integrated management of the Internet of things by mobile networks in the machine.Working principle:

The system automatically works as follows:
Set the upper and lower temperature and electricity. After working time, the machine enters the normal working state, and the upper computer is passed the address scan.The way to collect information from the lower computer, address the matching of the success of the lower computer will upload the corresponding data and set the temperature well with the user to compare, and determine the location of the intake; control the lower machine to drive should position motor action, drive the reducer is reversing. the temperature and humidity of the upper computer can be real time on the screen. To meet user specific requirements, the system set manual work: use the user selects the manual mode, and the wireless receiver module starts with the receiver module. When receiving the control signal of the corresponding coded remote control, the lower according to the different positive key value to control the motor.The system of mobile client and Internet of things platform control process as follows:
According to the Internet of things M2M equipment and platform communications protocol, through the platform send control signal to the corresponding address of the host computer, or through mobile phone customers send the control signal to the platform and then send the platform to the corresponding address. The host computer, thus completing the vent opening and closing. The system can also be collected automatically images, extracted from the wavelet features, according to the database crop growth model automatic control of greenhouse temperature. At the same time, the PC can pass the link the trend of the greenhouse environment change, and the greenhouse realizes better control. The centralized optimal control ventilation system of solar greenhouse can not only be better. controlling the temperature of the greenhouse, decreasing the temperature difference, and more helpful to the plant life. Long, but also save a lot of manpower and resources. For the daily light temperature

chamber set the greenhouse:

ventilation system based on the Internet of things and the greenhouse system can be effectively solve the problem of temperature control, through mobile client, more can grasp the situation in the sunlight greenhouse anytime and anywhere.. At the same time, the Internet of things. It can also analyze the temperature change curve, which is convenient for studying different solar greenhouse.

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