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Greenhouse Heat Preservation Technology-Bozong Greenhouse

Release time:2019-01-23 15:04

Greenhouse Heat Preservation Technology-Bozong Greenhouse

The development of greenhouse heat preservation in China.

Heat preservation is classified.

Heat preservation is the most widely used heat preservation equipment in the greenhouse in our country. Heat preservation is characterized by good insulation effect, the current heat preservation is a lot of heat preservation in the market. We are classified by the inner core material and the performance of the heat preservation. Is this: cotton insulation insulation is made with cotton for inner core materials,Good insulation effect, can be rolled up, but cotton insulation is opaque, with moisture absorption. So, prone to mildew.Cotton felt insulation was: the kind of insulation is the old textile material processing, so that its formation felted, then the insulation is the inner core, the heat insulation effect is Well, you can roll, and the price is very low, but the disadvantage of this insulation is very capacity. 

Easy to form a round shape,light, easy to moldy rotten. Polyester insulation is: the inner core of the insulation is made of polyethylene after foaming treatment into the polyester staple fiber, this heat preservation is of very light, and belong to the semi transparent, do not suck water, not rotten. If used in continuous snow weather, can shed greenhouse within a certain illumination, the impact of the light on the crop is reduced, but the protection is temperature is very easy to leakage phenomenon, in time, is the waterproof effect of good fabric, also there is a certain degree of leakage, and not antifreeze, in the winter is easy to harden.Straw insulation is: this type of insulation is the simplest insulation is straw, etc.Tie together, but this insulation is very short of service life, the insulation effect is not very Well, but also pollute film greenhouses, prone to rot, and quality.It is important because there are many shortcomings, so in the process of new heat preservation is constantly emerging process will be eliminated.If it is according to the performance of the insulation can be divided into: waterproof type, ventilation heat insulation type: waterproof insulation is the fabric is Dichotomous cloth, cloth, the type of the type of heat preservation is applied to the greenhouse heat preservation in the area of the rain.

Air permeability heat preservation.The outsourcing material has the permeability, the waterproof fog and other functions, this kind of insulation is mainly appliedon the greenhouse snow less heat insulation insulation is set in the insulation. Layer, so the ability to heat insulation and heat preservation.Insulation quality status: China's current production of heat insulation is many companies,  these production of heat preservation is the enterprise. The industry scale, production technology and so on each is not the same, the insulation production quality also each different. Although there are some enterprises that are relatively well produced by the quality of heat preservation, however, some of them are produced in certain requirements.

Heat preservation is still unable to meet the requirements, and some heat preservation is not used in a quarter after continue to use. China's current agricultural planting implementation of subsidies, agricultural subsidies policy. And so on, the quality of the heat preservation will affect the implementation of the subsidy policy for the production machinery.

The relevant departments need to heat the insulation being produced by the production enterprises, from the heat preservation to the production conditions,Heat preservation is standardized, inspection equipment, production technology, etc., will be heat preservation.

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