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Release time:2019-01-23 15:00

Planting guidance-Bozong Greenhouse

Cucumber cultivation before planting corn, tomatoes, cabbage, celery, can reduce the salt content and electrical conductivity of soil, corn crop soil salinity, conductivity values decrease 49.03% and 60%, Chinese cabbage and celery crop stubble were decreased by 27.80%, 28.48% and 23.55%, 24.43%, 16.99% of tomato crop reduction and 16.33%, corn stubble of the desalting effect better than the other treatments; corn crop of cucumbers early rapid growth, plant height respectively, compared with cabbage crop, celery crop,tomato crop high 3.67-5.72% , 5.36-7.48% ,89.91-87 .47%, leaf number and leaf area than the other three Crops of more growth than in the latter part of the growth rate of Chinese cabbage crop, celery crop slower than the fast tomato crop ; corn crop of cucumbers per plant the number of results 20.1, the output3.35kg, fruit setting rate of 80%, compared with Chinese cabbage and celery crop stubble is low.

 Tomato cucumber crop growth rate is slow, short internode, leaf size, fruit setting rate was only 57.5 %, the results of 16.4 per plant, yield of 2.35kg; celery cucumber crop of vitamin content of 2.72mg/100g, Chinese cabbage crop for 2.68mg/100g, corn stubble for 2.55mg/100g, tomato crop for the 2.43mg / 100g; soluble solids content of Chinese cabbage crop "celery crop" corn crop "tomato crop; nitrate and nitrite content was the tomato crop" corn crop "cabbage crop" celery crop; cucumber physiological diseases "Flower fight-top "condition is the occurrence of tomato crop of" Chinese cabbage crop "celery crop" corn crop.

   The main disease is the occurrence of tomato crop "celery crop of" Chinese cabbage crop "corn stubble, corn stubble of cucumber diseases lighter; cabbage crop, celery cucumber crop of four kinds of activity above the soil of tomato and corn crop stubble, corn stubble in soil enzyme activity than the tomato crop is low; growing different crops, except for tomato crop to reduce the number of actinomycetes, other crop of the soil bacteria, fungi and the number of actinomycetes increased to varying degrees; cabbage crop is less than the number of soil bacteria of the tomato crop, more than celery crop and corn crop, the number of actinomycetes than tomato crop, less than the celery crop and corn crop, fungal population variation is not obvious. Celery crop of soil bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes changes in the number of fluctuations, the law is not obvious.

   Planting corn before planting tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, celery, garlic can reduce the soil salinity, conductivity and NO3-N content, corn stubble in the soil salt content decreased 49%, 70.3% lower conductivity of soil nitrate N content decreased 20.98 %, spinach crop's soil salt content decreased 38.31%, 54.76% lower conductivity of soil nitrate content decreased 10.09%; corn crop of tomato plants than the shorter, fewer leaves, fewer buds per plant production of 1.34kg / plant, fruit number per plant 8.2, malformation rate of 15.87% fruit, but the corn crop of tomato strains of the low rate of incidence;

   Spinach crop of tomato plants grow rapidly, flower bud number of more production of 1.72kg / strains, fruit number per plant 13.1 a, malformation rate of 9.47% fruit, fruit vitamin C and sugar content of higher quality is better; garlic tomato crop of the lowest strain; spinach tomato crop of the higher soil enzyme activity, cucumber crop of more than corn stubble, lower than the garlic and celery crop stubble,corn stubble in soil enzyme activity minimum; garlic crop soil bacteria, fungi the smallest number, fewer than the number of actinomycetes spinach and celery cropstubble, more Mthan cucumber crop and corn stubble. Spinach, celery crop stubble and soil bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes large quantity.

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