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The standard of greenhouse construction

Release time:2019-01-16 13:40

The land area selection of winter—greenhouse
The greenhouse land selection should be in bright and flat with good lighting and ventilation conditions and fertile soil and convenient irrigation and no tall buildings surrounded. It is better that the land didn’t be used to cultivate melons or vegetables.
1>. Site location conditions: greenhouse is a great investment and fixed facility whose application period is longer. For a easy management, the greenhouse should be located in complex construction and have future development and could be easily expanded the venue.
2>. Lighting and ventilation conditions: the sunlight is the main light and heating source. So the location of a greenhouse should have adequate illumination conditions.
3>. Soil and water conditions: the greenhouse growing in general is a three-dimensional planting and could be happed many times in a year. Therefore, it requires fertile soil and good water supply conditions.

The planning development and direction of greenhouse
To make a greenhouse whole design is reasonable, it is better to make a whole project planning after choosing the site location, drawing out a layout diagram, generally it is laid by south-north.

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