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The main points of the greenhouse plastic construction

Release time:2019-01-16 13:38

The normal solar greenhouse plastic to tell if often called in the construction of greenhouses construction, of course, is the unique northern region in terms of a greenhouse plastic type. Often also a kind of not in the indoor heated greenhouse plastic, if it is in the cold winter, of course, can only rely on sunlight to constantly maintain the indoor temperature of a level, so you can well meet the growth of vegetable crops a need content.

However, about a construction of the greenhouse plastic having a good lighting roof situations, are often the greatest extent through the sun; or insulation capacity is relatively strong, but also minimizes the greenhouse the the plastic cooling effect, of course, for the greenhouse effect is very strong; course, the size of the greenhouse plastic long or wide, then of course, to scale, and appropriate.Page Keywords: portable greenhousecommercial greenhousescommercial greenhouseplastic greenhouseglass greenhouse.

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