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Plastic greenhouses-wall construction

Release time:2019-01-16 13:37

Practice has proved that no column commercial greenhouses on the wall's construction requirements higher, this is because its entire commercial greenhouses are made of steel frame, 3-3.5 meters a steel frame, steel frame the upper end by puzzle pillars connected with the back wall its overall weight was significantly heavier than commercial greenhouses column bamboo skeleton weight.

Therefore, we propose to build shanty requirements end of the wall to use bulldozers the compaction (north-south width of 6-8 meters), to prevent ground subsidence. And then, and then the excavator on earth, and on a 70 cm thick ripper, rolling back and forth with excavators 2-3 times. Back wall height of 4.5 m is appropriate, and finally to the top of the wall compaction. Also note, there must be a certain inclination when excavators cut commercial greenhouses wall, under the narrow width, inclination 6-10 degrees is appropriate.

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